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Pinball sighting - CSI at Lucky Strike in Skegness

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Addams family at Skegness Pier (Arcade)
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Created on 19th Feb 2010 by a pinball fan
Last edited on 22nd Mar 2017 by a pinball fan

Date of sighting: 21st Mar 2017
Venue details: Get Map Google Streetview
  Grand Parade, Skegness
  PE25 2UG
  United Kingdom
Type of venue: Arcade
Machine seen: CSI
Condition: 1-Waste of time Condition Guide
Cost per game: 1 or 2 for 3 games
Comments: 21/3/2017: Machine upstairs at the back near two other pinball machines - it looked like it was working, but didn't try it. Advertised Tournament Play mode for 2 credits. *** 10/4/16: still in exactly the same condition as a year ago, waste of time, don't bother 25/4/15 - Centrifuge still not working, wrong rubber still installed so ball gets stuck, lab ball sensor not working so balls get stuck in there and machine will not do a ball search! flippers not really strong enough to make the skull ramp shot. Ball through kept spitting out 2 balls at the start of each new ball, don't bother, complained and got my 2 back!*******************Update: Centrifuge still not working and large flipper rubber installed on upper left flipper so ball gets stuck here.******************************08/09/2012: Optos not working on Centrifuge, so no multi-ball or evidence can be collected from the main central shot.

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